My name is Brittany Cole Bush.  Eldest of 6 daughters, born to goodly parents in the southern coastal parts of California and now live Seasonally nomadic with my home-base in the bay area of California.

I am a self-deemed modern day, Shepherdess doing the good work on land as a new pastoralist– in the good food & Fiber movement, avid in supporting the enlivening of the sheep industry in the West, restoring grasslands and managing fire hazardous vegetation.  

I am passionate about a new paradigm of land stewardship while raising healthy and happy animals for also food and fiber as I shepherd animals, people and projects.

I enjoy working with leather and fiber and I am a co-Founder of a fine sheep and goat hide business called Shepherdess Holistic hides.  I find myself tinkering when I'm not on the ground herding sheep and goats.

It's an honor and a privilege to represent the CA Wool Growers Association in the California Range Management Advisory Committee out of Sacramento and to collaborate with the Fibershed network in the small flock, fine fiber community and in the efforts of carbon ranching. I write for the Stockman Grass Farmer and Fibershed and enjoy sharing the good work through writing, speaking, educating and consulting.

It's hard not to live life like a story tale when there is so much beauty and experience to be had.

 I hope you get to learn a bit about my story, what I make and do, and perhaps I'll get to know yours too.

Thanks for visiting.