My name is Brittany Cole Bush, AKA BCB & Cole.  Eldest of 6 daughters, born to goodly parents in the southern coastal parts of California. After years of being seasonally nomadic with a home-base in the Bay Area of Northern California I have made a full circle back to Southern California now residing in the second largest city in the USA, Los Angeles.

I call myself modern day urban shepherdess, shepherding animals, people and projects. Working in both the built landscapes of urban metropolises as well as on the land with my comrade graziers, I am committed to supporting a new era of working on the land with livestock and innovative agrarian entrepreneurship. My work takes place in the fields of education and advocacy for the good food & fiber movement, supporting efforts to enhance ecological health of the land and using carefully managed grazing as an effective tool to reduce fire hazardous vegetation.

Passionate about connecting conscious consumers closer to the source of what they consume and use, I am the co-founder/owner of a sheep and goat hide enterprise called Shepherdess Holistic hides. We source our hides regionally from sheep and goats “raised and grazed” in the American West, working to highlight the stories of select ranchers and farmers that dedicatedly raise their animals with care, ethically and humanely. I also enjoy the craft of working with leather and make custom to spec practical things for daily use.

Most recently, I’ve dedicated myself to the development of a vocational training program called the Grazing School of the West (GSW), a collaborative project with non-profit organizations, Fibershed and Quivira Coalition. Inspired and informed by the shepherding schools of Spain and France, GSW works to prepare the next-generation of graziers as “ecological doctors of the land” while creating viable livelihoods in the work of “land and livestock”. It is my personal mission to help bridge the gap for those desiring meaningful and impactful work in a new era of land stewardship through new opportunities forged by newly developed collaborations with public and private land managers, institutions, industry stakeholders, and organizations.

It's hard not to live life like a story tale when there is so much beauty and experience to be had.

 I hope you get to learn a bit about my story, what I make and do, and perhaps I'll get to know yours too.

Thanks for visiting.