Shepherding School of the Midwest & HM Bootcamp
Jul 22

Shepherding School of the Midwest & HM Bootcamp

  • Princeton, Kansas

Shepherding School of the Midwest & Holistic Management Bootcamp


BCB is thrilled to partner with the Tallgrass Network, the Savory Institute's Holistic Management hub in the Midwest to provide an intensive 1-week training to Modern-day Shepherding including an intensive full training "Bootcamp" in Holistic Management.

Learn about the market opportunities for small sheep-goat operations and create your own business plan for using multi-species grazing as a services, pursuing meat, dairy and hide markets and more. 

The School will be held at Princeton, Kansas, July 16-22. Cost is $999; scholarships may be available. Space is limited -- register early to secure your spot! 

Learn more here: Shepherding School of the Midwest and Holistic Management Boot Camp


Aug 11


  • Sterling College


The School for the New American Homestead of Sterling College in Vermont is hosting this awesome summer intensive course!


New Pastoralism & Innovative Entrepreneurship

This activated five-day intensive is charged with inspiration to help envision and design a regenerative agricultural enterprise. Guided by modern-day urban shepherdess Brittany Cole Bush, who will facilitate both creative processing and concrete development of entrepreneurship skills, students will explore new ways of developing and doing business with regenerative practices—on the land, with livestock, and with people.

This course will incorporate fundamentals of holistic management and leverage Bush’s unique experience as an innovative entrepreneur, whose work uses livestock to bridges the urban and rural divide. It will provide context, demonstrate skills, and instill confidence needed to forge viable new pathways in establishing the vocation or business of your dreams. Students will develop tools and strategies to build a roadmap from concept to reality, actualize creative collaborations, and make ancient arts both relevant and profitable in a rapidly changing modern world.

Whether you aim to graze sheep to provide ecosystem services, develop new collaborations with unassuming business partners, or bring new added-value products to market, studying innovative entrepreneurship will help you put your passions into practice.

Tuition & Fees: $1200 covers the cost of the instruction, field trips, most course materials, three meals per day from our top-ranked Sterling Kitchen, and ground transportation between class locations. Not included are airport transfers or accommodations; please let us know if we can assist you with finding or providing these.

Housing Availability & Fees: On-campus housing is available for an additional fee of $60 per night with a private bathroom and $50 per night with shared bathroom access. Please note that Sterling College offers rustic, dormitory-style housing that is clean and safe but not luxurious. Availability is limited and room requests are filled on a rolling, first-come, first-served basis.  

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Feb 4

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

  • Elko Covention and Congerence Center

Real stories. Straight up.

We’ll be warming up the winter at the 33rd National Cowboy Poetry Gathering with an abundance of stories—first-hand accounts, narratives passed down and around, and undoubtedly a yarn or two. All around Elko you’ll experience today’s renaissance of storytelling through poetry, song, video, visual art, new media and more. You can look forward to tales rich with lessons learned, risk-taking, humor, heroes, neighbors and family.

The Gathering culminates with an exciting evening of true stories as host of The Moth Mainstage. One of the leaders in the national resurgence of storytelling performance, The Moth live events and The Moth Radio Hour elevate the craft of personal storytelling. Kick back and listen or join in with your own stories. Attend a roundtable conversation with noted raconteurs, bloggers, radio and video producers, journalists and visual artists. From the keynote address to the last show of the Gathering, we’ll honor the tradition of storytelling in the rural West and beyond.

BCB will be sharing sheep stories Friday, February 3rd at 10:45 am and Saturday, February 4th at 3:00 pm. 

70th Annual Society for Range Management Conference
8:00 am08:00

70th Annual Society for Range Management Conference

  • 1835 South Convention Center Drive St. George, UT, 84790 United States

70th Annual SRM Meeting:Technical Training & Trade Show January 29th through February 2nd in St. George, Utah.

BCB will be facilitating a session and panel called - Prescribed Herbivory for Vegetation Treatment Projects: Successful Case-Studies & Business Models working with Livestock to Manage Open Spaces

Summary Based off of the professional experience in managing a large-scale contract grazing outfit in the Bay Area of California, Brittany Cole Bush will share successful case-studies of different scaled projects using small ruminants for vegetation management and discuss different business models and relationships between stakeholders. As a member of the California Rangeland Management Advisory Committee representing the CA Wool Growers Association and Co-Author of the white paper released with support of the Board of Foresters, "Prescribed Herbivory for Vegetation Treatment Projects", she will discuss the various elements of the white paper and speak to how they may apply in different regions with different management goals.

Panelists will include:

Bill Burrows: Coordinator for the 40,000 acre Sunflower Coordinated Resource Management Plan (CRMP) in Red Bluff, California

-Denise DeFreese: East Bay Regional Parks District Stewardship Manager and Certified Range Manager

-Lani Malmberg: Owner/Operator of Ewe4ic Geological Servcices

-Andrée Soares: Owner/President of Star Creek Land Stewards, Inc


American Sheep Industry Annual Conference
Jan 28

American Sheep Industry Annual Conference

  • Denver Marriott City Center

Wool...Branded for the Future – As American consumers embrace the natural magic of homegrown wool, it was imperative for the American Wool Council to adopt a new look that brought the industry’s image up to par with the products being created every day with this innovative, sustainable fiber. American wool is vigorous enough to support the U.S. military on the frontlines of battle, yet elegant enough to grace red carpets and magazine covers. Heightening consumer recognition of and building loyalty to this new brand promises to build a greater dependence on American wool and a loyalty to the products created with Nature’s Magic. After all, this is America, where innovation is celebrated, tradition is respected and high performance reigns. 

“Welcome to Denver for the 2017 ASI meeting. We haven’t scheduled a convention in Denver for nearly 15 years, so a lot of members are anxious to join us in Colorado. We are pleased to announce that Temple Grandin, Ph.D., will be addressing attendees at an Opening Session on Thursday afternoon. She is a noted animal welfare expert, an author and a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. The industry was fortunate to have Dr. Grandin fill the role of subject matter expert in our recently released Sheep Handling Video. I hope you will be able to join us in January and be a part of setting the course of the sheep industry for the next year.” -Peter Orwick, ASI Executive Director

Register Online at



21st Annual VT Grazing & Livestock Conference
Jan 21

21st Annual VT Grazing & Livestock Conference

  • 1 Clubhouse Road Fairlee, Vermont

Join more than 350 farmers and agricultural resource providers from six Northeast states at this perennial winter conference for a cross-section of the region's livestock production.
The event takes places at the family-friendly Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT just off Interstate-91. The conference rate on overnight rooms is $94/night plus tax.  Friday will feature two day-long pre-conference sessions on grazing planning tools and building farm businesses. Take Friday night to learn about livestock and watering systems in Kenya with a special presentation by Maasai visitors, or to celebrate biodiversity at a screening of SEED: The Movie.  Saturday includes 21 workshops plus keynote, lunch discussions, tradeshow and much more, as well as a kids' conference for ages 6-12.  The weekend highlights local, grass-fed and organic foods, great company from over six states, and plenty of new ideas to take home and ruminate on as you plan for 2017.

BCB will be participating in a farmer panel talk from 2:45-4pm on Friday, January 20th, Keynote speaking on Saturday, January 21st at 10:45 am to 12:00 pm about "A New Era of Innovative Entrepreneurship in Land and Livestock-New Pastoralism" in the Terrance Ballroom and will also leading a workshop that afternoon from 1:30-2:45p, on "Contract Grazing on Public and Private Lands."

Pastoralism Prevailing- a conversation & a walking buffet with Joel Salatin
2:00 pm14:00

Pastoralism Prevailing- a conversation & a walking buffet with Joel Salatin

  • Peace Barn


In order to accommodate more folks and to bring this conversation closer to home, we've pivoted and are now hosting this wonderful event in beautiful Bolinas at a loved locale, the Peace Barn.

Joel Salatin is slated to have conversation with us in his magic way of proselytizing the good word and will be supporting the effort to inspire, educate and bring awareness of the good work of the new pastoralists and a new land stewardship paradigm.  

In addition an amazing food faire of a 'walking buffet' will be provided by the team of Guido Fronsini of True Grass Farm and Aaron Lucich of Holistic Ag.  Stay tuned for menu details.  It's bound to be special.

Rebecca Burgess will also be sharing about the intersection the work of Fibershed and endevors in researching shepherding schools in France and Spain to inform how might we together can develop the Shepherding School of the West.  Learn more about this project at the event!

This will be a meaningful community event, bring together regional producers who value stewardship, carbon, good food, fiber and wildlife with locals, conservationist, environmentalists, food enthusiasts and eager agrarians.  

As I work to garner support of my burgeoning endevors taking my shepherding to the next level, my wish is to humbly engage my broader community of the 'new pastoralists', working to continue to build the bridge between environmental care & conservation with viable livestock operations that steward our landscapes and provide mindful food and fiber.

Come to support, be inspired and dine and imbibe.  It's gonna be real good. 

For tickets visit: