Pastoralism Prevailing- a conversation & a walking buffet with Joel Salatin

  • Peace Barn 73 Olema Bolinas Road Bolinas, CA, 94924 United States


In order to accommodate more folks and to bring this conversation closer to home, we've pivoted and are now hosting this wonderful event in beautiful Bolinas at a loved locale, the Peace Barn.

Joel Salatin is slated to have conversation with us in his magic way of proselytizing the good word and will be supporting the effort to inspire, educate and bring awareness of the good work of the new pastoralists and a new land stewardship paradigm.  

In addition an amazing food faire of a 'walking buffet' will be provided by the team of Guido Fronsini of True Grass Farm, Aaron Lucich of Holistic Ag, Jorgen Harle of American Blacksmith and Seth Peterson, the Permaculture Chef.  Two lambs on asador and seasonal veggie tapas, paired with Handley wine, Lagunitas beer, a fennel citrus cocktail by Birdsview distillery or House Kombucha.  It's bound to be special.

Rebecca Burgess will also be sharing about the intersection the work of Fibershed and endeavors in researching shepherding schools in France and Spain to inform how might we together can develop the Shepherding School of the West.  Learn more about this project at the event!

This will be a meaningful community event, bring together regional producers who value stewardship, carbon, good food, fiber and wildlife with locals, conservationist, environmentalists, food enthusiasts and eager agrarians.  

As I work to garner support of my burgeoning endevors taking my shepherding to the next level, my wish is to humbly engage my broader community of the 'new pastoralists', working to continue to build the bridge between environmental care & conservation with viable livestock operations that steward our landscapes and provide mindful food and fiber.

Come to support, be inspired and dine and imbibe.  It's gonna be real good. 

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