• Sterling College Vermont


The School for the New American Homestead of Sterling College in Vermont is hosting this awesome summer intensive course!


New Pastoralism & Innovative Entrepreneurship

This activated five-day intensive is charged with inspiration to help envision and design a regenerative agricultural enterprise. Guided by modern-day urban shepherdess Brittany Cole Bush, who will facilitate both creative processing and concrete development of entrepreneurship skills, students will explore new ways of developing and doing business with regenerative practices—on the land, with livestock, and with people.

This course will incorporate fundamentals of holistic management and leverage Bush’s unique experience as an innovative entrepreneur, whose work uses livestock to bridges the urban and rural divide. It will provide context, demonstrate skills, and instill confidence needed to forge viable new pathways in establishing the vocation or business of your dreams. Students will develop tools and strategies to build a roadmap from concept to reality, actualize creative collaborations, and make ancient arts both relevant and profitable in a rapidly changing modern world.

Whether you aim to graze sheep to provide ecosystem services, develop new collaborations with unassuming business partners, or bring new added-value products to market, studying innovative entrepreneurship will help you put your passions into practice.

Tuition & Fees: $1200 covers the cost of the instruction, field trips, most course materials, three meals per day from our top-ranked Sterling Kitchen, and ground transportation between class locations. Not included are airport transfers or accommodations; please let us know if we can assist you with finding or providing these.

Housing Availability & Fees: On-campus housing is available for an additional fee of $60 per night with a private bathroom and $50 per night with shared bathroom access. Please note that Sterling College offers rustic, dormitory-style housing that is clean and safe but not luxurious. Availability is limited and room requests are filled on a rolling, first-come, first-served basis.