from 2012 to 2015 I spent my off-seasons from shepherding on Orcas IslanD, Washington. I WAS fortunate to work in a sweet old log cabin built in the late 1870's, as well as the blacksmith shop of Jorgen Harle.  There I have self taught myself the craft of functional leather work. 

In the winter of 2016 I had the privilege to make the sweet Stitch down farm  in Bethel, Vermont my home. At that time I was able to apprentice under a grand leather Worker and craftsman of many traditional crafts, will lisak of Etwas bags. It was with he that I developed and grew my skillsets and craft in traditional leather work. I'm grateful to have learned and practiced under will surely helping to progress my skill.

Custom leather works and creative collaborations

BCB Maker Custom Life Pouch
110.00 180.00

A custom belt bag that I call the “life pouch”! I’ve made several of these custom for pals over the years and want to make one for you!

We can co-create the design based on what you want to put in it and you can choose the type, color and suppleness of the leather, not a problem!

Excited to bring my handwork with leather to your world. :)


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Limited! Rob Moss Wilson & BCB Maker Collab Card Slip

My buddy Rob Moss Wilson and I created this sweet little collab with his mind and hand in paint and mine in leather and stitch. 

Rob's works to me are essentially classics of our time and community. These card slips are practical and super duper limited! 

Check out robs latest happenings here: RMW IG

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