interview with cotton and Moss about the values, partnership and process of shepherdess holistic hides (september 2018)


Striking a balance for Vermont’s pastoral future by: Troy Bishopp, Country Folks (February 2017)

Photo by Aubrey Trinnanman

Photo by Aubrey Trinnanman


Modern shepherdess tends soils and works leather By: Samantha kimmy, Point reyes  light (January 2016)

"BCB, who calls herself a modern shepherdess, straddles many worlds. She guides herds and flocks based on their ancient eating habits. Yet she’s also firmly planted in the contemporary world of business, with plans for crowdfunding and a business consultant to help her start a contract grazing herd that will eat fire fuel and promote soil health. "

Photo by Eva Kolenko

Photo by Eva Kolenko


Six of the world’s influential farming trailblazers share success secrets by: Sarah Hudson, the weekly times in Australia (January 2015)

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BRITTANY COLE BUSH | West Marin & Orcas Island by: Natalie so, Edition Local

"Every spring, as tangerine poppies, Indian paintbrushes, blue lupines, and Douglas Irises emerge in a coastal chorus of California wildflowers, and patches of young nettles and Indian lettuce begin to sprout, BCB arises from winter hibernation in her Orcas Island cabin, migrating south to the Bay Area where she spends spring and summer. BCB is a shepherdess and leatherworker who moves and works according to the seasons, and spring is the season when pasturing begins. “I go where the seasons take me, where community takes me,” she says."




Modern shepherding, Land stewarding, Urban grazing, and Holistic hides in Woolful Podcast (June 2015)

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How To Make Money Raising Goats on the Homestead

"Goats can earn you an income on your homestead! Find out how in Part 2 of our Goat episode of the Homesteady podcast, brought to you by . In this episode we talk to Brittany Cole Bush, of BCB Shepherdess LLC. Brittany shares with us how she has turned her love of being a shepherdess into a great business."




New Rules and New Ways of Farming on 'Across The Fence' Presented by UVM Extension (January 2017)

BCB talks with Judy Simpson and Jenn Colby on the University of  Vermont's Across the Fence.


Fibershed's 2nd Annual Wool and Fine Fiber Symposium Talk, Ancient Futures (November 2016) 


Modern Day Urban Shepherdess- Savory Institute (FEBRUARY 2015)

BCB  talks about a grazing operation in the San Francisco Bay Area where she managed an outfit that grazes over 2,000 goats and sheep on public lands to minimize fire fuel loads and regenerate landscapes


Short Film: BCB Shepherdess. Directed by Nico Carbonaro (2014)


Putting Grasslands to Work - Day 1 - Session 2 by Savory Institute (September 2014)

A panel conversation at the annual Savory Institute's international conference in London